The Chime Pavilion

Chimes By Manchester School Of Architecture Year 2 Students

The students at MSA were given the challenge to design and build a pavilion for the gardens of Dunham Massey, a National Trust house in Cheshire. The Trust wanted a design that related to the history and surroundings of the house and garden, while remaining an attractive and exciting pavilion for visitors. In their year group 20 designs were proposed to the Trust of which Chime was one of the few winning designs. A bold and inspiring design, the Chime pavilion mimics the iconic form a bell which represents the story of the servants within the house, who would receive orders though the sound of the bells. Chime brings together the magic of Dunham Massey, integrating the past and present in a design that allows exploration and engagement with the park. Families can have fun ringing the bells within the structure and playing the melodies inscribed on to panels inside. It showcases a key feature of the house in the garden, bringing the two to life. The site in which their pavilion sits is in close proximity to the servants kitchens, as well as offering splendid views of the moat and the grounds. Near Altrincham in Cheshire, Dunham Massey remains a very popular National Trust destination, and their pavilion is aiming to attract and inspire many more.


After yesterdays Wood delivery, the workshop team spent their time on Tuesday cutting out the leg components of Chime. Everyone has been working really hard to cut out timber claddings & sand the wood on time, in preparation for the prefabrication. It took a day and a half, yet finished on schedule.


What is your role? Raising funds for the project. I have tried to contact several architects taking advantage of my background which has seen me try to contact several Hong Kong based architecture firms and some christians fellowship in Manchester.

How are you managing your task? Sending emails to the aforementioned potential sponsors and conducting several phone calls. Also, I have spoken face-to-face with travel agencies to see if they would be interested in helping out.

What are the challenges you are facing? There are few responses from the potential companies. For those who respond, they are still deciding and considering the project.


Any other comments? I hope the money will be funded. I am pretty glad to work in the SuperGroup of 60.

Name: Will Priest Group: Documentation

What is your role? I am making a documentary film of the whole design and construction process.

How are you managing your task? Taking a mixture of interviews and information shots from start to finish of the project.

What are the challenges you are facing? Difficulties of people not being comfortable with the camera when stress levels are high and only being able to make one take on each shot.

Any other comments? Stay positive and I hope it gets built.

Sponsorship Activity

After a long meeting with the tutors they have decided to put more time into sponsorship so that they can afford all of the wood and CNC cutters needed. Every member of the group has given £10 or more through their KickStarter page, with links being created on the website and Tweets appearing through the day to attract publication and try and receive acknowledgement from different groups of people.

Please go to the visit the chime pavilion page for the adress.

The funding group have been hard at work all weekend in order to speed the process of obtaining the money that Chime essentially need in order to get the wood, so that it can be cut into using CNC machines. Lots of small donations have already been made which is very promising.

New Ideas

Name: Mary Oon Group: Workshop/Detail Drawing What is your role? Looking at ideas of improving the Chime lower base by adding a damp proof layer and a flat base to prevent it from sinking. How are you managing your task? By sketching and reconsidering some aspects of the design. Any other comments? I am quite enjoying my time and I can see that everyone is contributing to the project. Good communication skills, I say. Check their kickstarter campain.

Name: Conor Morris Group: Workshop/ Detail DrawingWhat is your role? Working out how to design a pulley system for the bell. How are you managing your task? Design drawings and sketching. Didn’t get into the technical trial yet. Any other comments? It is going to be hard.